Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Today I came across an Augmented Reality app on Pinterest. This one is called ChromVille. It is free and you can find it in both the App Store and Google Play. 

After downloading the app, go to the website Chromville and print the pages for coloring. Right now they only have 1 page per chapter. If you subscribe to their web page, you might get more chapter pages.

Here is one that I did:

I think it is so cool to see something flat and with the help of an app, see it in 3D. That is just awesome!

So, how would you use it in education? I think a wonderful and imaginative story could be developed using these pictures. This would be great as a story starter for any age student. This could also be used with other apps (such as ChatterPix 4 Kids or Tellagami) to tell a story.

What are ways that you would use this?

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