Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yesterday I received an email from StudyLadder about what was new for 2012. Also, from one of my Diigo groups there was a link to Mathematics Patterns. Guess what; it was from StudyLadder! This started me thinking about a blog post on StudyLadder

StudyLadder is free for teachers (K-6) to sign up for and they can import their class list. All students have free unlimited school access and limited homework access. Adding classes is very easy to do. A teacher can copy and paste their class roll into StudyLadder and their system will create the username and password for students. There is also a parent letter that you can print and send home that explains what StudyLadder is. 

So, what's new in StudyLadder?
  • Instant RESOURCE SEARCH function
  • Now covers over ten K-6 subjects
  • Aligns with the NEW National Curriculum
  • Now includes Financial Literacy
  • More certificates for teachers to print and present
Now let's talk Math. As you can see from above, StudyLadder now includes Financial Literacy which is in the new Common Core. Yea!!! After you register and click on Financial Literacy link, there are several interactive activities (would look great on IWB's). There are activities on money, needs & wants, goods & services, loans, etc. Not only are there interactive activities, but there are printables, videos, and assessments available.

Make sure to look under Mathematics and Mastering Numeracy for lots of great activities. The activities are sorted by color for grade level. You can also search by resource type, topic, etc. 

Some of the topics covered are: Fractions and Decimals, Subtraction, Fractions, Area, and every area in Math for K-6 teachers. Teachers can assign extras to their classes and create certificates for the students. There is a challenge area, drills, posters, and much more. To find these, after the teacher logs into StudyLadder, they can click on the Resources tab to search for items to use or assign to students.

View the video below for highlights about StudyLadder.

YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax7e9bauUJc uploaded by StudyLadder

Why not try StudyLadder now?

Image: 'P1270276' http://www.flickr.com/photos/66989813@N00/3311318564

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