Monday, April 2, 2012

Online Flashcard Creator

So, what exactly is StudyBlue? Who is it designed for and how would you use it? 

StudyBlue allows teachers and students to make flashcards online. You can use StudyBlue online or on your mobile device. Students can view their flashcards as a review sheet, or quiz themselves while reviewing for a test. One of the newest things students can do with StudyBlue is, they can search and find other students flashcards on a subject.

Click to view the StudyBlue Blog. StudyBlue can be synced with your Evernote account and you can place a direct URL into Edmodo for your students to view any flashcards they create, or the ones that you have created for them.

Sign up for a free classroom account at StudyBlue. Then, create a class. The teacher will see a unique URL and code that they can give to students (share in an Evernote notebook, or post in Edmodo). Teachers can import excel spreadsheets into StudyBlue.

Obviously flashcards can be used for vocabulary and definition. But what about for math facts? Things like multiplication tables, learning addition & subtraction, or anything that students need to learn math facts for.  

Image was created in Wordle from the words in this blog post.

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