Monday, February 27, 2012

How Teachers Actually Feel About Education Technology [Infographic] | Edudemic

Got a minute? Literally just a minute or so? Take a look at this infographic with some surprising stats courtesy of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation via Socrato. In the below image (you’ll wanna click it to enlarge it) you can see that the vast majority of teachers agree that technology helps in the learning process. Heck, the teachers they polled even agree that ANY multimedia can help in the process of learning. That includes magazines and newspapers.

According to this study, teachers agree digital learning tools help improve the ability to learn. The next step is figuring out 1) financing and 2) the proper way to implement this technology so it’s as effective as possible.

So, file this infographic / study under ‘no duh’ but let it start getting your mind working on the best ways to incorporate the technology that most teachers demand.

How Teachers Actually Feel About Education Technology (infographic) via edudemic

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