Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Edu-pinning: Pinterest in Education « ErHead

Edu-pinning: Pinterest in Education

My name is Erin Paynter and I am addicted to Pinterest.

Pinterest has been named over and over as the hottest new website for 2012, with the rate of new users rising every week at a seemingly exponential rate. Some of what is driving the huge rate of growth is its “viral” nature, meaning re-pins account for most of the activity on the site (MarktetingProfs article: Social Media: What’s Driving Pinterest’s Amazing Growth).  My husband was at first fascinated by my fascination, but now he looks at me quizzically and asks, “Seriously, what’s it for?”.   I found Courtney Lowery Cowgill’s article on MediaShift to be a great explanation:  it’s part social networking (kind of),  part bookmarking, part curating, part blogging.

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