Friday, April 8, 2011

In Touch

It's All About the Tools ...

... ActivInspire Toolbox that is. 

The main toolbox consists of several different buttons. Below is a picture that describes the different parts of the main toolbox. This image is taken from the Introduction to ActivInspire flipchart.

At the top of the toolbox is a button that allows you to "Switch Profile". The default profile is Authoring. That is the toolbox you see above. The first one is At The Board profile. This makes your screen go full screen for teaching purposes. It allows you more real estate in which to write or show your lesson. Another profile is Languages. This changes to toolbox to add spell check, go to web browser, on-screen keyboard, and other items to the toolbox. The Mathematics profile adds a ruler, protractor, compass, dice, xy origin, and calculator to the toolbox. The Media profile adds a camera, sound recorder, and insert media from file icon. I love how you can add different items to your toolbox simply by changing your profile.

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