Friday, April 1, 2011

Free Tools Challenge #9: Fast and Easy ToonDoo | Teacher Challenge

ToonDoo! It seems I have a new favorite Web 2.0 app about every week or so. This week, it’s ToonDoo. What is ToonDoo? It’s a free, fast, and facile comic strip creator. Here is a Toon Book I made on ToonDoo. It illustrates for my students our Internet Etiquette, or “Netiquette”.

This past few months, my teaching and my time online have been revolutionized. I never before realized all the wonderful Web 2.0 applications that were available, so when I heard about the latest Edublogs Teacher Challenge, “The Best Free Web Tools For Education!” I jumped in with both feet to share one of the new tools I’ve come to enjoy. ToonDoo is not only fast and easy, it also has many more advanced features. For this Challenge, I’ve kept it simple. You can pick and choose from the following objectives. If you are an advanced user, please join in with comments about how you use ToonDoo.

I am loving the Free Tools challenge from Edublogs. Lots of great new tools to look at and use.

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