Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kleinspiration: Imagination Soup: Playful Learning for Inquisitive Kids!

Imagination Soup: Playful Learning for Inquisitive Kids!

I came across Imagination Soup recently and was saddened only because I hadn't found this site sooner.  It's simply amazing.  Melissa Taylor offers her audience a wealth of resources put together in the most charming of ways. 

I was overwhelmingly impressed by her knowledge and sense of creativity that I asked her to prepare a guest post for Kleinspiration so that our readers could get a taste, or appetizer, of Imagination Soup.

Guest Post: Imagination Soup author, Melissa Taylor (award winning blogger and former classroom teacher)

Do you know that kids need to be taught what good readers do? It’s true. Even good readers can be better readers. One of the most basic things you can teach your child is to connect to what they’re reading.


To start teaching what good readers do – you must do it out loud.

What great ideas for teaching reading and creating good readers.

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