Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Technology for Teachers: Lots of Great Public Domain Images of Nature

Lots of Great Public Domain Images of Nature

See that beautiful bald eagle image to the left? I found it on the site of Ken Thomas. That image and dozens of other great images of animals and other natural beauty are created by Mr. Thomas and released into the public domain. Mr. Thomas releases these images into the public domain because, in his own words, "When it comes to photos, I’m not trying to make art here. I take pictures of things. About 99% of the time, those are things that don’t belong to me. Claiming that I own the rights to a picture of a mountain, or a tree, or a sunset, just seems absurd to me when I don’t own the mountain, the tree, or the sun."
Applications for Education

If your students need images for multimedia project, presentation, or a paper, take a look through Ken Thomas's image collections.

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