Monday, July 26, 2010

DEN Summer Institute 2010

I spent last week at Bentley University in Waltham, MA with Discovery Educator's Network (DEN). This was a wonderful week of learning and networking. We had a workshop in Edmodo and met Mr. Edmodo himself, Jeff O'Hara. Edmodo allows you to share web 2.0 tools and works like facebook or twitter and is safe for students. Students do not need email addresses to use Edmodo.

Another workshop was by Hall Davidson. He did a Mashup workshop. We looked at several web 2.0 tools and how you could demonstrate some of these tools if you didn't have an internet connection. It was really great because he showed it with both PC's and MAC's. He talked about Gizmoz (creates avatars), Blabberize (make pictures talk), Tagul (word clouds), and screen capturing tools. Most of what he talked about were free tools.  Hall suggested that you could use old digital video cameras as web cams, but the camera must have a digital output to plug into your computer. He showed us how to use a Chroma Key to put Blue Screen into Movie Maker. 

A couple of other memorable events was meeting the Glogster group, touring Boston, and especially meeting all of the great educators who came together for the summer institute. Thank you to the DEN team for putting this awesome learning and networking experience together.

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