Thursday, May 1, 2014

Writing Notes Using an iPad

I just came across this app on Twitter and downloaded it. It is called Notability. Right now the app is free in iTunes. Notability can be used on both the iPad and iPhone.

I like this app a lot. I like that I can change the position of the note from vertical to horizontal. I have been using Penultimate (free). I like that Penultimate syncs directly to Evernote. However, Penultimate makes me use their notebooks vertically and I can't change the position. Notability allows me to share my notes by email, Dropbox, Google Drive and many other ways.

Another favorite of mine with Notability is that I can choose different types of paper, both color and unlined, lined, or graph. With Penultimate I can choose different types of lined paper (narrow or wide) or graph paper, but I can't change the color of the paper. I know that the color of the paper may not be important to you, but sometimes I just feel like using a different color of paper!

Both apps allow you to add images to your notebooks. However, Notability also allows you to record voice notes. You can also type your notes in Notability.

Both apps have value for education because it allows students to take notes from their device. I think Notability may have a slight edge because it would also allow students to record specific things from their teacher as well as writing down or sketching out what the teacher is saying.

I am not sure which one I will use the most, but I will have fun trying both of them out!

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