Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Using Copyright-friendly Images Effectively in Presentations « Moving at the Speed of Creativity

"Using Copyright-friendly Images Effectively in Presentations." The recorded audio from this workshop is available in two parts on my secondary "Fuel for Educational Change Agents" podcast channel. (part 1 and part 2) Referenced resources are available on the presentation wiki as well as the Images page of talkwithmedia.com. The workshop included two main themes: Guidelines for using copyright-friendly media as well as complying with fair use law, and using images effectively in presentations following "Presentation Zen" guidelines. When choosing media to use in a presentation or project, I recommend using the following sources in this order:

  1. H: Homegrown or Public Domain
  2. C: Creative Commons licensed media
  3. F: Fair Use (copyrighted media used under fair use terms)

As educators like Renee Hobbs encourage, we need to exercise our fair use rights as learners and educators. Conversations about "fair use" are important and needed, we shouldn't shy away from these as educators using media and encouraging the appropriate use of media. Those "fair use conversations" are often less black and white than discussions about homegrown, public domain or Creative Commons licensed media, however, so that is why I encourage learners to utilize the first two sources (if possible) for media projects before considering copyrighted materials used under fair use.

View the entire blog for more information on copyright friendly images. Also listen to Wes Fryer's podcast from his workshop.

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