Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Revisting the Past Wonders of the Day

Because of being on vacation, I missed visiting Wonderopolis this past week. I thought I would write a blog post about the the Wonders that I missed.

Monday, April 25 Wonder of the Day was about tornadoes. This was very ironic since last week several states were hit very hard with massive tornadoes. This wonder talks about where tornado alley is. Last week it was in the south! After reading about the tornadoes, there was a link to a lesson plan on What to Do in a Tornado. I think that all teachers should use this lesson plan after all the devastation of last week's southern tornadoes.

Have you ever wanted to know how a TV script was written? Find out with Wonder #205. This Wonder talks with Michael Price who writes for the TV show The Simpsons. He talks about the steps writers have to go through to get their script on the air. And students grumble about having to re-write a paper! Families can get together to write about something they have done or are going to do, and then they can sit down together to read it. That would be fun to do! Teachers can go to ReadWriteThink for a lesson plan on Writing a Movie: Summarizing Rereading a Film Script. There are lots of ways in this Wonder to get students writing.

Wonder #206: What is a Mouse? Not Mickey Mouse, but a mouse for the computer! I didn't know that the "term "mouse" came from the fact that these devices had long, thin cords attached to their small, compact bodies that made them look a bit like common mice. The name stuck and has been used ever since." Great vocabulary words to look up and talk about in this Wonder. My favorites are prototype, experimental, royalties, cursor, and infrared. These are all good words to know. Visit the Art Zone to play games and create art using the mouse.

One of the things that we as teachers are always asking students is: What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? That is exactly what Wonder #206 is all about. Review an EconEdLink Lesson Plan: To Be or Not To Be? about examining careers for students.

Wonder #208: What Do Astronauts Eat in Space? What, no pizza? I don't think I could eat food that comes in plastic tubes! Check out this Wonder to find out more about the "delectable foods" astronauts eat. Check out the Interactive page to find out where the meals are packaged and what it looks like on a tray. Can you imagine eating M&M's in microgravity?

Did you know that mustard is made from tiny mustard seeds? Check out Wonder #209 to find out What Is Mustard Made Of? Then check out the lesson plan on Spices in Your Favorite Foods. What is your favorite food to put mustard on? Mine is a hot dog!

The last two Wonders that I missed were #210 Who Was Mother Goose and #211 How Are Books Made? Lots of information on nursery rhymes which go hand in hand with making books. There are lots of ways to make a book, either by hand or on the computer.

Check out all these wonderful Wonders. Lots of good vocabulary, lots of ways to generate family discussions, and lots of different lesson plans to tie into the Wonders of the Day.

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