Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free Technology for Teachers: A Tale of Two Stories: Storyline Online & Storybird (Guest Post)

A Tale of Two Stories: Storyline Online & Storybird (Guest Post)

Richard asked me to be a guest blogger today. As a frequent reader of Free Technology for Teachers, I consider it quite an honor to contribute to this fantastic teacher resource. I'd like to share with you two free technology tools that I use, in tandem, to get my students working creatively and collaboratively, and liking it!

1. Listen to a story, get inspired
2. Brainstorm ideas
3. Create your story
4. Share your story with us

Those are the four directives I give my students before they embark on a writing activity I call the "Picture Book Challenge". The Picture Book Challenge culminates in students working together to make a well written digital picture book. When the challenge is over we embed the books on our class wiki. That way peers and family members can enjoy the fruits of their labors. I use two tools to help my students accomplish their goals. One tool is called Storyline Online, and the other is called Storybird.

Great ideas for using in the classroom. Be sure to read the full blog and how Storyline Online and Storybird can be used in the classroom.

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