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Digital Storytelling With Audio Tools

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clipalicepeer “What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations? said Alice…

With the coming of the 21st century, technology has added a new twist to our traditional storytelling. Beyond the scope of pen and pencil, we can now easily tell and share our stories digitally with mobile phones, flip cameras, recording our voice or using free web tools. There is no doubt that today’s students are more motivated and interested in using digital storytelling just like any other multimedia. It offers us, educators, a new and a very 21st century way to captivate students’ attention, facilitate learning, reach shy students and increase collaboration and community in a classroom. It’s a great way to give voice to ourselves and our students in an out of the classroom walls.

Check out the rest of Ozge's blog for the different types of tools you can use for telling stories digitally! Great for getting students to write!

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