Monday, April 18, 2011

Writing Better Blog Posts: What You NEED to Know | The Edublogger

Writing good blog posts are more than just the words.

You might post great information but….

-   if it doesn’t grab attention
-   if it’s hard to read

….it might never be read!

So here’s 10 tips to help you write better blog posts.

1. Use attention grabbing titles

Use attention grabbing titleTitles on blog posts are like titles on books.

The better the title, the more it’ll grab the attention of readers and the greater the chance they’ll read what you’ve written.

Captivating and intriguing titles draw readers every time.  Back that with a well written post and you won’t look back.

For further tips on writing post titles refer to 15 Ways to rework your next blog post title.

2. Use Short Paragraphs

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