Friday, April 15, 2011

Technology: figuring out how the pieces fit: KWL ... FQR ... Lots of letters ...

KWL ... FQR ... Lots of letters ...

A slight variation on the KWL chart is the FQR chart. My 4th grade students enjoyed working with this kind of chart. While you can have a printed chart (like the one listed below), in class we often just folded a piece of notebook paper to make three columns. (We turned the notebook paper sideways and then folded the paper so the outside holes lined up with the middle hole.)

In the first column of the FQR Chart, children put facts they encounter as they read the text (this works especially in Social Studies and Science). In the second column, children put questions they have about what they are reading and questions they think of as they are reading. In the last column, children respond to the text they have read. This can be done by telling what they found interesting, telling what they did not understand, possibly answering some of the questions in the Q column, or even the things they thought of as they read the text.

Here are some various FQR Charts:

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