Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Tools Challenge #12: Video, music, and visual presentations with Animoto | Teacher Challenge



In this teacher challenge activity you will:

  1. Be introduced to Animoto For Education.
  2. Create your own digital story on a topic of your own choice by inserting either your own images or Creative Commons licenced images (or a combination of both).
  3. Find Creative Commons licenced images if you don’t know how to locate them already.
  4. Write a blog post that includes the digital story you created and share it with the rest of the participants in this Challenge by embedding it to your blog.
  5. Make comment on the digital stories created by others in this challenge.
  6. Visit the discussion question for this activity and share your ideas.

Overview of Animoto For Education

Animoto For Education is a Web 2.0 tool that allows teachers and students to create impressive and unique digital stories and presentations (incorporating images, video clips, music and text) quickly and easily. Animoto is a wonderful tool for students because it allows them to focus on content creation rather than trying to learn an editing or manipulation tool. In the school context, Animoto For Education is ideal tool for students to create their own booktrailers, digital stories or music videos.

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