Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Tools Challenge #10: Word clouds with Wordle | Teacher Challenge

Most people that write for the web tell us that a picture helps to draw reader interest to the post. What if the picture is composed from words? Does it have the same impact?


Wordle, or a word cloud, helps to interpret the meaning of the words by assigning font size according to how frequently the word appears in the targeted text. This is one of the most popular online tool with almost 14,000 visitors each day stopping by to do anything from fans typing in their favorite music videos, teachers analyzing literary texts, kids making signs, spouses writing love letter and journalists wordling political speeches.

Wordles have been used in a multitude of ways from PowerPoint slides, to pictures for T-shirts, magazine covers, scrapbooking layouts, birthday cards, Valentine’s wishes, Back to School night posters, Get to Know You activities on the first day of school to YouTube videos.

I love using word clouds. Check it out!

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