Thursday, April 7, 2011

Amazing Video- The Best Use of Google Docs I Have Ever Seen | Angela Maiers Educational Services, Inc.

Amazing Video: Best Use of Google Docs I Have Ever Seen!

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Last night, I presented my first Google Webinar since becoming a Google Certified Trainer. Thank you for all who attended. It was an amazing conversations with over 260 educators. In case you missed it, I have included a link to the presentation.

As a part of my session, I was excited to highlight some of the new and improved features of  Google Docs. I closed with this amazing video that will knock even the most advanced Doc user’s socks off!

It was created by three artists calling themselves Tu+, Namroc and Metcalf and entered into Google’s Demo Slam; a video competitions can be a fun and creative way to learn about Google products and their features.

The video shows the three-day process of creating “the most awesome 450 page presentation ever,” as the animation is titled. From their three separate locations, each of the participants helps complete a stunning romp through Google Doc’s lesser-known special features. The creators claim to have used “no animation software” and “no high-tech hardware,” either. This stunner is “nothin’ but Google Docs.”

This video is not only entertaining, but demonstrates the epic collaborative potential of Google Docs!

View the video on Angela Maiers web site. Awesome!

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