Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kleinspiration: Are you a Bucket Filler?

Are you a Bucket Filler?

So, as I'm stilling at McDonald's to work on a few items in need of Wi-Fi (because my service is down at my home), in walks Jan and Donna from The Buck Filling Team!

Being quite familiar with Carol McCloud's first two books, I was so excited to spark up a friendly conversation with the two ladies.  As a former first grade teacher, I know how powerful and inspirational Bucket Filling can be for a school.  During my time as a first grade teacher, we became a Bucket Filling School - how exciting!  The positive language and celebrations the children became a part of truly transformed the culture of our elementary.

After moving to the middle school, I enjoyed hearing the Bucket Filling language continue as our students would still use some of the lingo.  However, I wished that there was an extension of Bucket Filling that could continue into the older grades.  Of course, we could still use it; however, I knew it would be more 'age-appropriate' and receive more buy in from the older kids if we could tweak the program a bit to fit our adolescent aged kids.

I am going to have to get this book. Looks very interesting.

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