Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Create forms with JotForm – submit files to Dropbox

Create forms with JotForm – submit files to Dropbox

I stumbled upon this valuable little nugget earlier this week, and wanted to share it. To add some key functionality and integration to your existing Dropbox.com account, JotForm now integrates its set of easy to use tools with Dropbox. What does this mean for us as educators? Well, if you are looking for some ways to get students to submit digital portfolio work, or if you need to get assignments from your students – this could be one way. Students could always upload via Dropbox, but it gets a little tricky when you are trying to share permissions. There are limited options for feedback, or additional info attached to any file stored in Dropbox.

Now, teachers can create an online form with an ‘upload’ option for file attachments. The designer of the form can add any other traditional form fields to gather student profile data, assignment details, demographic info etc.

Another example could be in a HR scenario, the director could set up a form where job applicants can fill out a basic profile form, and submit their electronic resume via Dropbox. Now that is handy…

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