Friday, December 10, 2010

My favorite gadget: The iPad

I have had my iPad for 6 months now. I must say, I enjoy it more now than I thought I would. I love reading my books on it, because I can increase the font size and I don't have to wear my reading glasses. A couple of favorite apps that I have downloaded are the hidden picture games. The one we are playing right now is "Legend of Sleepy Hollow". I purchased it right around Halloween and we have been playing it a lot. Another favorite is "Starwalk". I haven't figured out exactly how to use it to its best advantage yet, but when it warms up, I will try again. I bought a stylus and writing app so that when I go to conferences I can write down or type my notes and I won't have to carry a heavy laptop.

When I first told my husband I wanted to purchase one, he said, "What on earth will you use that for?" Now, I can't hardly use the iPad myself because he is using it all the time! I have a lot of iPad app links on my Diigo account. Many of these apps are good for education. The iPad is great to carry on a plane also. I can listen to my music and read a book at the same time. Sometimes if nothing is on tv, I will watch old episodes of tv shows from netflix. The picture is awesome. I haven't been able to purchase any more hidden object games because I ran out of iTunes credit. I am waiting for Christmas to see if I get any cards as presents - Big hint for the hubby!

I guess you can tell, I really love my iPad a lot. I only have the wi-fi version, but might consider the 3G version now that Verizon has a bundle. I will have to think on that a while.

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