Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Edmodo - Secure Social Learning Network for Teachers and Students

You want to bring social networking into your classroom but Twitter and Facebook are blocked at your school. What can you do to bring web 2.0 tools into your classroom? Have you heard about Edmodo? Edmodo is a safe and secure location for students and teachers to get into Social  Networking. It is free to use and no one from the outside can see student names or chat with students. Teachers can create a class within Edmodo and have their students sign up and join their class group with a group id number. Teachers can reply and comment to students about assignments, but students cannot direct message each other. Assignments can be uploaded to the class group; these assignments can be documents, pictures, web links, etc.

Teachers create their accounts and then create a class group. By creating the class group, a code is generated. Students must use this code to sign up for Edmodo. Students do not need email accounts to use Edmodo. Teachers can connect with other teachers at their school, or invite teachers from other schools. We used Edmodo this summer in Boston at the Discovery Educators Network Summer Institute. We continue to use this site to share ideas, ask questions of each other, connect with each other, and share links. If you are not sure how to sign up for Edmodo, click on the Tour button or Guide button for further directions.

Why not try out Edmodo in your classroom this year? By the way, if you run into any problems using Edmodo, the support staff are great and get back with you right away.

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